Outside General Counsel Program for Small Business Owners

After planning for many months, Thomas M Fountain & Associates, PLLC is now offering a new program focused toward the small business owner. While most large and even medium sized business have hired attorneys to act as General Counsel, most small companies and those in the start up modes, do not wish to allocate funds sufficient to support a full time in house counsel and the staff necessary for this office.  Thomas M Fountain & Associates, PLLC believes that each client is unique and should have the opportunity to have a tailored fee arrangement and to fit each clients individual business model. The Firm believes that it’s Outside General Counsel program is a perfect platform for the small business owner seeking reliable, cost-effective, and experienced legal counsel. Although each of the firm’s services are available on a traditional hourly fee basis, the Outside General Counsel program is predicated on a monthly retainer which is negotiated based on estimated client:

  • The retainer is initially estimated on predicted average monthly used by the client; and
  • Limited to a predefined list of services including those listed below:
    • unlimited phone calls and emails;do you
    • consultation on liability or any potential litigation matters;
    • review of any subpoenas, summons, petition or claims service on the company, and legal advice regarding same;
    • consultation on employment issues;
    • Responding to routine business claim letters from opposing counsel or businesses;
    • consultation on employment issues;
    • contract negotiation and drafting;
    • and others, depending on client needs. (For more information, see the firms Outside General Counsel Services card or the web site listed below.)

Our law firm is anchored by Thomas Fountain, who has 35 years experience as a Texas lawyer. His practice for many years centered mainly on litigation which was assigned to him or his firm by various insurance companies located in the United States and London, England. The breadth of his experience includes civil litigation in the Oil & Gas industry, Aviation, Transportation, Toxic Tort, Construction Defect, Business Litigation, and other areas.

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For more information about the Firm, & our Outside General Counsel services, visit our site www.TheWoodlands.Lawyer or call (281) 296-6500.  The firm has received the highest rating available of AV Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell, which is the oldest peer-reviewed rating service in the United States. 

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