Oil & Gas Client Notches Victory in Business Litigation

Recently, our team of attorneys represented a California company whose work consisted of testing pipelines in the oil & gas industry. For over 25 years, it’s business consisted of performing hydro static testing of pipelines for the oil & gas industry. Persons performing those tests must agree to be subjected to a random drug testing protocol.  The […]

National Law Day 2015 – One’s Right to Question

Today we celebrate National Law Day and it brings to me many memories of why I decided to attend law school as a young man.  While growing up in Galveston County, Texas I was able to see many different aspects of our small community such as the elections, the court system, and our peace officers […]

Contracts, Contractors, and Additional Insureds

In a recent opinion, the Texas Supreme Court clarified Texas law as to what coverage an insured may expect when it has additional insured status under an insurance policy.  The importance of this opinion cannot be overstated for those who enter into contracts with others and expect the luxury of insurance coverage as a benefit […]

Small Firm. Big Representation. Protect your investment with Thomas M Fountain & Associates, PLLC

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Small businesses continue to sprout up around the U.S. and as large corporations downsize and decrease their staff, these smaller companies are experiencing growth, adding new jobs to the economy. It’s no wonder that small businesses are often referred to as the engines that drive the economy. But not all small businesses are successful – […]

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