General Counsel for the Small Business Owner

With our economy starting to recover over the past few months, we are seeing many small business owners prepare to re-enter the market or expand their services.  New clients are sought, new deals are negotiated, and new contracts are needed.  To help our client’s navigate the maze of new legal cases which are decided every year by our appellate courts, we propose a basic contract review in order to keep up with the latest in:

  • non-compete causes;
  • indemnity clauses;
  • agreements for Additional Insureds;
  • mediation/arbitration clauses;
  • warranty language;
  • New and updated ISO clauses.

Our firm, located in The Woodlands, Texas, can be of assistance in these and other matters.  For 35 years, we have assisted our clients prior to and during litigation.  A poorly drafted contract is almost always the source of an expensive litigation which, invariably comes out of the pockets of our clients.  While the case may yield a successful verdict or decision, the ultimate decision of whether one prevails is often the expense needed to achieve a desired result.

We suggest that our corporate clients come to us for a contract review so that we can help minimize the out of pocket expenses associated with an unexpected event leading to possible litigation.

The law firm of Thomas M Fountain & Associates, P. C. is an AV Preeminent rated law firm located in The Woodlands, Texas which is in the greater Houston metropolitan area. Thomas M. Fountain has 35 years of experience upon which the firm’s clients draw when necessary. The firm prides itself on being proactive rather than reactive. 

For more information see our Website at or call (281) 296-6500. 

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Thomas M Fountain & Associates PLLC

Thomas M Fountain & Associates PLLC