Hotel Investor Secures Favorable Settlement in Business Litigation

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Recently, the Firm of Thomas M Fountain & Associates, PC resolved a long standing business litigation dispute between the owners of three (3) hotels. The case was pending about four (4) years when the Firm was asked to take the case over. The lawsuit had already been to mediation six (6) times, which yielded no settlement.

The case revolved around the issue of whether or not one of the investors had accounted for the monies he had access to in order to build, and then to manage and sell the hotels. Accusations of spoliation of evidence were made. The case also involved the issues around electronic discovery and an forensic email expert was retained together with a forensic accounting expert.

After some discovery, the issue of spoliation was resolved in the Client’s favor, and ultimately showed that the opposing party did not have the claimed proof. Further discovery from another witness yielded additional previously unknown evidence which supported the Firm’s Client. The case was ultimately settled in our Client’s favor in mediation less than 8 months after the Firm was retained.

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