The Woodlands Business Litigation and Business Transactions Lawyers

Business Law & Entity Formation Houston TXBusiness Litigation.   The thought of business litigation to a small or even medium sized company can act to freeze or dramatically alter business plans, affect profitability, and alter client bases whether existing or prospective.  The costs associated with business litigation to a business owner or owners of a small business can be astronomical in proportion to revenue.

Whether you are just starting out and need assistance forming your business or your business needs a serious team of business litigation lawyers with extensive trial experience, Thomas M Fountain & Associates, PLLC can help.

In order to minimize the chances of involving your company in an expensive and protracted business litigation lawsuit, our attorneys propose solutions based on a thorough knowledge of your operations.

Additionally, what are the chances of transferring the costs of business litigation to another party?  Texas courts have, in recent years recognized that some legal disputes may rise to the level of an “occurrence” which is to say that your insurer may provide policy benefits for your company, including the costs of defense.  Then too, a contract may be initially negotiated and written so that the risk of expensive business litigation may be borne or at least recovered from another party to the lawsuit.

Many clients are forced to enter into contracts with their customers in order to conduct their business operations.  These contracts control the scope of the responsibilities, when the work is to be done, which party is responsible for such things as quality control or inspections, and other important matters such as insurance and indemnity requirements.  Our firm has many years of experience which allows our attorneys to forecast many problems which may arise during the negotiations and executions phase of the contract.  As one Judge told a group of lawyers many years ago, “There is nothing as expensive as a poorly drafted contract.”  Our attorneys have seen example after example of these legal disputes centered around drafting of agreements and differences of interpretation of many contractual clauses.  While there is no way to guarantee that a business litigation case won’t be filed against your company, it helps to have a firm on board that has decades of experience on which to depend.

Thomas M Fountain & Associates, PC advises it’s clients of the issues after understanding the nature of your operations, the risks typically encountered, and the requirements of the relevant contract and it’s clauses.  Risk is reduced to commercially acceptable norms with the proper analysis of our client’s insurance programs.  Whether our client is in real estate,  residential or commercial construction, restaurants, or the retail industry, our attorneys can help you succeed.

We advocate vigilantly and aggressively because we understand that your livelihood can depend on it.  For more information, ask us about the firm’s Outside General Counsel program or call for an appointment to visit about our flexible plans available for your business.  Also, see our law firm’s Blogs on some of the subjects mentioned herein.