Fountain, Bruce & Mellencamp, P.L.L.C.’s Second Annual Seminar on Hurricane & Storm Claims~Sponsored by The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce August 15, 2013

As previously announced, the Woodlands Law Firm of Fountain, Bruce & Mellencamp, P.L.L.C is to present a seminar to homeowners and business owners at and sponsored by the Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce on August 15, 2013.  One of the subjects during the seminar will be the inevitable exposure to roofing systems to elevated winds […]

United States Supreme Court Decision Narrows Employer Liability in Employee Harrassment Lawsuits

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Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling in a case styled Vance v Ball State.  In their ruling, the Court held that, for purposes of determining whether an employer is vicariously liable for hostile actions of an employee, that person must be a supervisor.  The Court went on to state that […]

Fountain, Bruce & Mellencamp, P.L.L.C. Secures Win for Client in Houston Trial

June 6, 2013-Houston, Texas.  A jury  returned a verdict for a Florida based insurer late Friday afternoon following a trial in the 133rd Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas.  The defense verdict followed three days of testimony wherein two policyholders alleged the insurer committed acts of fraud, a breach of  the duty of good […]

Fountain, Bruce & Mellencamp, PLLC Co-Sponsors of Claims & Litigation Management Alliance’s “Texas Event “

This past week was a great experience for members Lisa Bruce and Thomas Fountain while attending the Dallas “Texas Event”.  The conference was a sold out affair put on the the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance or CLM Alliance. The Claims and Litigation Management (CLM) Alliance is the only national organization created to meet the needs […]

Construction Insurance Programs: WRAPS, OCIPS, and CCIPS

At a recent construction conference on insurance, these insurance programs were discussed by highly credentialed speakers.  The goal of these encompassing insurance programs are to allow one insurance policy or a set of policies to protect the contractors, architects, engineers, owners, and subcontractors from lawsuits by injured  employees and to reduce expenses associated with claims […]

Fountain, Bruce & Mellencamp, P.L.L.C.’s Second Annual Seminar on Hurricane & Storm Claims~Sponsored by The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce

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The 2013 Hurricane Season is predicted to cause a substantial increase in Gulf of Mexico activity this year.  Published on April 10, 2013, the Colorado State University Department of Atmospheric Science predicts an even chance (almost 50%) of at least one major  hurricane (category 3-4-5) making landfall in the Gulf of Mexico.  The average for […]

FAA to Delay Airport Tower Closures

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The Federal Aviation Administration said it will delay for two months the closure of 149 control towers at small airports to mitigate risks associated with the move and fight legal challenges to the closures. The closures, previously scheduled to begin on Sunday, are part of the FAA’s $637 million in required budget cuts under the sequester. […]

Fountain, Bruce & Mellencamp offers 4 Hour Accredited Adjuster CE Course: HANDLING CLAIMS ISSUES WITHOUT LOSING YOUR MIND

Fountain, Bruce & Mellencamp attorney, Lisa LeDoux Bruce, has produced a 4 hour Adjuster CE course entitled: Handling Claims Issues Without Losing Your Mind.  The Course is approved by the Texas Dept. of Insurance for 4 hours of credit (including 1 hour of Ethics).  The Course offers an excellent primer for new adjusters and/or refresher for seasoned adjusters, providing […]

Texas Department of Transportation to Fund Air Traffic Controllers

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AUSTIN – In an effort to ensure safety at 13 municipal airports in Texas, the Texas Department of Transportation today said it intends to fund continued service of air traffic controllers when federal funding goes away as a result of sequestration, or budget cuts. This action is pending Texas Transportation Commission approval and will be […]

FAA to Close Towers Due to Sequestration

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A legislative effort to spare 189 privately run airport control towers from closing next month as part of automatic federal budget cuts failed when the Senate refused to take up the issue. Senator Jerry Moran, a Kansas Republican, saying he was seeking to protect “the safety of Americans,” yesterday briefly held up a vote on the bill […]

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